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MediaHound is now part of UTA!

Leading global entertainment, talent and sports agency UTA has acquired MediaHound to accelerate UTA's already substantial data and analytics capabilities and allow it to drive value for the agency's clients at scale.

Our team is thrilled to continue expanding the capabilities of The Entertainment Graph and provide data-driven software solutions for our studio, streamer and agency partners.

Read more about the acquisition here.

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Build out your universal taste profile and connect to the friends and influencers you care about so you can discover new favorites in fun, social ways.

Universal Search

Find any movie, show, song, book, game, person, franchise, or genre within The Entertainment Graph.

Better Recommendations

Tap into delightful and surprising suggestions that span all sources and media types.

Browse Without Boundaries

Receive recommendations that span streaming services or filter our suggestions by your favorite apps, like Netflix, Hulu and Disney.

Drive Your Own Discovery

Search by genre, setting and style. We’ll show you great movies that meet all of your criteria -- then let you know where you can find them.

Import Your Lists

Import your watched lists from your favorite services, like Netflix.

Movie Recommendations for Two

Pick two movies and The Entertainment Graph helps you meet in the middle with movie suggestions you'll both love.

All The Ways To Watch

Once you find the perfect film, we’ll show you all the ways to watch it. Or filter first to restrict results to your favorite sources!


Apps powered by The Entertainment Graph have won 9 prestigious awards.

  • W3 Gold Award: Website Features-Best Use of Data Visualization
  • W3 Silver Award: Best Technical Achievement for Websites
  • W3 Silver Award: General Websites, Entertainment
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  • Webby Award Winner: Movie & Film
  • People’s Voice Award Winner: Movie & Film
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  • W3 Silver Award: Entertainment
  • W3 Silver Award: Movie & Film
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  • W3 Silver Award: Entertainment
  • W3 Silver Award: Movie & Film
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